Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Let Rigging Games Begin!

Another week in Camden, and I am enjoying it even more. At the end of last week we finally finished painting the boat which is good because she looks almost perfect now, but it was a lot of work with nasty paints. We finally started rigging sails and in three days of work have only the mizzen-topsail left (Started with the Jib, Stay-sail, Jib-topsail, Main, Mizzen, and today the Maintop). Our crew is legit. We are counting down to sailing as we will be boarding for our first trip on Friday. I have no idea what sort of group we will be taking, but I am sure it will be fun and nice to finally be sailing.

Speaking of sailing, a few of the photos here were taken while sailing "Wally", one of our small rowboats that has a sail-rig. The mate, the cook and I took her out for a couple hour trip to the outer harbor the other night for a sunset cruise to the sound of a band playing in the harbor on a barge. It was pretty sweet. The next day was even windier and although Wally isn't the smartest sailor ever, it is of course nice to finally be sailing again! There were two daysailors, smaller schooners in the harbor, one of which (The Olad) I think can be seen behind Curtis Island in one of these pictures.

Another picture is of a hike that we did in Fernald's Neck, a state protected wildlife-esque area. After hiking there (not very far, only a mile or two before a picnic and beer), I realized that I need a kayak someday! Hopefully one with a sailing rig!

Things are brilliant here, I could not really ask for anything else!

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